Tennis Trends that Work On and Off the Courts

Wimbledon is a popular sport and with it comes tennis fever and especially in fashion. Here are some trends that you can wear off and on the court.

The White Polo

white polo

A staple piece in tennis is the white polo shirt, but it also now a staple for everyday fashion that can look super chic with a pair of chinos or some skinnies.

Tennis Skirts

We all love the pleated tennis skirt that are super cute on the court. You are able to get this must have, but without the ball pockets so you can wear it out and about.

White Sneaker

White sneakers are a great trend right now and have been on the court since the 20s. You can get your own pair from most places that will look great with any outfit.


The visor has had a comeback and this hat will look great in your summer wardrobe.

Tennis Dresses

Tennis dresses have got a more athletic look to them now, but take some inspiration from them and rock a tennis dress any day.

Tennis Sock

A tennis sock will look good ads they poke out of your tennis sneakers.

Tennis Sweater

The tennis sweater has become mainstream, but it still has sporty roots. We love this knits and are great for a casual winter day.

Tennis Bracelet

You might think this one is funny, but a tennis outfit isn’t complete without a stylish accessory.

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  1. Great tips on Tennis fashion. Really sexy trend thats hot right now.

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